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Oludeniz 6 Islands Boat Trip


Oludeniz 6 Islands Boat Trip



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Oludeniz 6 Islands Boat Trip

Oludeniz 6 Islands Boat Trip – Butterfly Valley boat tour, Oludeniz boat tours, which include the world-famous butterfly valley, the paradise corner of Fethiye, await you in the deep blue waters.

Butterfly valley boat tour is organized with 2 different boat types. Our fun big boat has 4 toilets and a pool area and a valley area. Lunch on our big boat is barbecued chicken – with pasta and Mediterranean fish table.

Our small boat is for 65 people and serves in open buffet dining concept. This boat is the choice of those who want a quieter day. Also his security archive on both of our boats for the content of our guests. Our Oludeniz Boat Tour, which is indispensable for Fethiye Holiday, is completed when our boat departs at 10:30 in the morning and approaches the coast at 17:30.

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Route of Oludeniz 6 Islands Boat Trip

The route of our boat, which departs from Ölüdeniz beach, starts from the blue cave as the first stop. And respectively; Butterfly Valley, Nicholas Island, Aquarium Bay, Cold Water, Visiting Camel Beach. There is an average of 45 minutes swimming break at each stop.

  • Blue Cave
    It impresses the guests who join the tour with the cleanliness of its water. You can also swim inside this cave. In addition, the blue cave is one of the most famous diving spots in the region. After this stop, we will move towards Butterfly Valley.
  • Butterfly Valley
    There are more than 70 butterfly species in the valley. You can walk from the beach to the valley or also you can see the butterfly valley waterfall and, in some months, the butterflies. If you wish, you can sunbathe on the beach and immerse yourself in the deep blue sea. Our third stop on the Ölüdeniz Boat Tour route is st. Nicholas island.
  • St. Nicolas Island ( Also lunch break )
    The archipelago, named after the church on the top of this island, is a must-see for those interested in mythological history. If you wish, you can take a walk to the top of the island and visit the historical monuments or enjoy swimming among the sunken city ruins. The fourth stop of our route is Aquarium Bay.
  • Aquarium Cove
    At this stop, where you can see a thousand and one shades of the deep blue sea of ​​the Mediterranean, the sea takes on a clear and bright appearance like glass. It is a popular cove among individual divers. The fifth stop on the Ölüdeniz Bays Tour is named cold water bay.
  • Cold Water Bay
    This bay, which has a cold water source coming from the mountain on which Kaya village is leaning, has natural and miraculous beauty. One of the first stops that come to mind when the Butterfly Valley Boat Trip is mentioned, Soğuk Su Bay is a bay where the cold spring water coming out of the mountain and the sea meet. You will experience the relief of swimming in ice-cold water in the middle of the sea at this stop. For our guests who want to enjoy the afternoon sun at the end of a fun day that lasts all day, after this stop, our last stop, the camel beach, is a bay not to be missed for swimming.
  • Camel Beach
    You can enjoy the sun on this beach, which has a calm sea every day in the summer season, or you can swim in the warm sea if you wish.
Oludeniz 6 Islands Boat Trip
Oludeniz 6 Islands Boat Trip



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