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Fethiye Saklikent Jeep Safari


Fethiye Saklikent Jeep Safari



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Fethiye Saklikent Jeep Safari

We invite everyone who is fond of adrenaline and adventure to Saklikent jeep safari tour ! Get ready for a whole day away from the chaos of the modern world. You can experience real safari experience of our Saklıkent jeep safari tour by Land Rover jeeps. Each seat of our vehicles has a personal seat belt. During our tour, our vehicles leave the asphalt from time to time and take you to the peak of adrenaline by driving on winding and dirt roads and stream beds. We enable you to have fun to the fullest with the water war on certain routes. We visit

  • Ancient city of Tlos
  • Fresh air of the pine forests of Yaka Village, which is his natural habitat
  • Hidden city waterfall
  • Hiking and ringo rafting in the icy waters of Saklıkent
  • Mud pool area, mud By making wars, we throw off the sluggishness of modern life.
  • This adventurous day comes to an end when you, our guests, are dropped off at their hotel at around 18:30.

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Its distance from Fethiye center is 44 km. , 63 km from the center of Kas. Saklıkent National Park is located within the borders of Fethiye district of Muğla province and Kaş district of Antalya province, on a branch of Eşen Stream. You can walk in Saklıkent canyon with a length of 18 km, you can also do zipline, bungee jumping and entertainment rafting near the canyon or trekking on hiking trails. If you are going to hike in the canyon, you can rent rubber shoes from the canyon entrance if you do not have shoes suitable for the track. While hiking in the region, you should definitely wear a mountaineer helmet, if you don’t have it with you, you can rent it again.

Hidden city Waterfall

Hidden city waterfall is a corner of paradise hidden among greenery. After going down the stairs, you can reach the secretkent waterfall flowing through the rocks by following the lushly flowing waterfall water on the pathway. It is quite famous to take pictures on the big tree stump under the waterfall here. Our guests, if they wish, can not go down to the waterfall, but relax in the cedar kiosks at the entrance, sipping their tea and enjoying the buttermilk.

Tlos Ancient City

40 km from Fethiye. The city acropolis, hidden by an Ottoman-built castle in front of the ancient city of Tlos. As you go up to the castle, the temple tombs carved into the rocks on the slope attract your attention. The best condition of the city is the theatre, Acropolis, Kanlı Ali Ağa’s Palace, Stadium, Lycian rock tombs, Turkish Bath, Palaestra, Gymnasion, necropolis where Belleforontes’ tomb is located, and structures that have survived from Tlos. Lycian rock tombs; bath, paleastra and gymnasion ruins are also interesting. Decorations depicting Bellerephontes fighting with his winged horse Pegasus make it interesting to stroll around the ruins. Fethiye is a place you should visit on your holiday.


If you come to Fethiye Saklıkent region, you should definitely see Yakapark. This sweet village welcomes you with its view of the ancient city of Tlos. Trout farms, organic local flavors, woven carpets in Yaka village. In addition, the restaurant-style small businesses here will surely be good for your taste buds. Yaka Park features a fish farm and restaurant and a pool from snow waters. A drink is given free of charge to those who stay in this pool for 5 minutes and food and drink for those who stay for 15 minutes.

Fethiye Saklikent Jeep Safari
Fethiye Saklikent Jeep Safari



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