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Camel Safari Kayakoy

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Camel Safari Kayakoy



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Camel Safari Kayakoy

Are you ready for Camel Trek Safari Kayakoy an adventure from the deserts with Kayakoy camel safari tour ? You takr you from the hotels with our free shuttle service to Kayakoy to starting point of the tour. Our 2-hour camel tour with instructors will make you feel like a silk road traveler while visiting the historical Kayaköy. On the back of a camel, a journey that smells of history and culture awaits you like the people who passed through the Lycian way of Kayakoy in ancient times.

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The Itınerary of Camel Safari Kayakoy


In the starting point of camel riding, you will be welcomed by the licensed instructor who will teach you the related information about the session.
Specifically, he will teach how to climb to the top of the camel, how to find the right body structure, how to keep your balance, how to treat your companion and how to control it; and you will always be free about asking question to them.
Then, the best part will come.
You will meet the camel that you will conquer the lands of Fethiye with! At that point, we highly recommend you to show your affection to it by petting it; since, this will strengthen the bond of pure friendship between you.
Also, if you get stressed, you should know that there is no need to be nervous; because these animals well-trained and very friendly.
As all innocent creatures of the nature, they will not hurt you; thus, you should not harm them, either.

on Camel Riding

After the sincere meeting session and the training part of camel riding activity given by the instructor, the real adventure will begin!
You, as being at the top of your companion, will leave the field to complete the whole destination which consists of breathtaking scenes that will please your eyes and mind.
After passing by the pine forests which are ornamented by wild flowers and the curvy paths, you will arrive to an abandoned, old settlement that has been left by Greeks, in a district called Kayakoy.
Feeling its bizarre atmosphere, you will keep riding and breathing in the fresh air. By the way, during your safari adventure, you can talk to the instructor who will be with you all the time.
In brief, in a couple hours you will be learning about interesting stories, enjoying being a king or queen of the lands, and surely, taking photos of these precious corners of Fethiye.

The End of Camel Riding in Fethiye

When your Fethiye camel safari excursion ends, you will say goodbye to the instructors and the camels; then, we will pick you up to drop you to your hotel.

Camel Safari Kayakoy
Camel Safari Kayakoy

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